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While sexual exploitation of youth has been an ongoing issue in Canada and our world for generations, there has been growing concern and need for better understanding of the issue in recent years. There is therefore a need for resources that speak specifically to the issue in our own country. For years, we have been utilizing resources produced in the United States, and while they have been helpful in raising awareness here in Canada, it is always preferable to have resources that are most relatable to viewers. Providing resources that mention American cities and states have the risk of subconsciously suggesting that the issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation does not happen in our country, in our own communities. We are thrilled to be able to provide a resource that features strong Canadian role models and presents the issue from a distinctly Canadian perspective.

Who better to educate youth on this issue than you youth workers, teachers and pastors?  You already provide positive relationships, which are foundational to staying free from exploitation.  We hope that Exposing Exploitationwill give you another tool in your tool belt as you come alongside the youth in your care.

Collaboration in this work is crucial. This is why “Partnership” is included in the internationally recognized “4 P” paradigm of addressing trafficking along with Prevention, Protection, and Prosecution. It was a very positive experience to be able to co-develop Exposing Exploitation as it allowed us to utilize the strengths of both of our organizations, coming together with a mutual need for a comprehensive resource and a common desire to see an end to the exploitation of youth.


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These resources are meant as educational resources for those wishing to learn more about commercial sexual exploitation in Canada and around the world. Personal discretion is advised.

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