Our Team



Jennifer is a Missionary with the Reformed Church in America where she has engaged with congregations, groups and individuals to equip and mobilize them in channeling their concerns for slavery and other justice issues. Now, through a partnership between Restorations and the Reformed Church in America Global Mission, Jennifer has been appointed as the first Executive Director for Restorations Second Stage Homes.

Jennifer has completed her MA in Social Justice & Equity Studies at Brock University where her thesis focused on domestic sex trafficking in Canada.

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Board of Directors


Sandy is a wife and mother of 4 children. She is an active volunteer in her community and church. Sandy has volunteered with children of all ages including at risk youth in two correctional facilities, teenage girls in a pregnancy and life centre, as well as various community events. Sandy has a God given desire to work and care for those who are most vulnerable and have no voice. She is passionate about making a difference and believes in reaching out without judgment to those in need of care.


Christina is married and lives in Oakville, Ontario. She has recently graduated from a combined Juris Doctor and Masters of Social Work program at the University of Windsor. Her motivation in pursuing these degrees stemmed from her experiences working with victims of human trafficking, both internationally and domestically, over the past 8 years. lksadflkajppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppsdflkajflkajsdflkjsaflkjsflkjasflkjs


Katee became aware of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking during a college course and has since been dedicated to making change and raising awareness. She holds a Masters of Communication and New Media from McMaster University and focused on news framing and the media’s representation of sex trafficking in a Canadian context as it pertains to reporting and journalistic practices. Katee has volunteered with victims of domestic trafficking for a number of years, and is ecited to now sit on the Restorations Board. She owns a social media agency, Duarte Group Inc., and is a proud Mom.


Cathy is a wife, mother of 4 and a school bus driver and trainer. Joining a Defend Dignity group at her church began a journey of understanding the issues surrounding commercial sexual exploitation and propelled her into action. Prayer walks in the urban core of Hamilton brought her face to face with the women who are in bondage to this life. An invitation to the Board of Restorations in 2014 was the opportunity to work toward providing a real answer to a pervasive problem.


Nancy is an Executive Manager at the Central Canadian District of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada. Her passion for people grew into a mission to help those caught in commercial sexual exploitation in 2012 when the issue and significant lack of long term care, was brought to her attention. Nancy is currently studying Media and Communications at Redeemer University. alksdflljlfksjd


Sally is the mother of two children. Aside from her work, she enjoys spending time communicating with people in a one-on-one or small group setting. For the past 20 years she has volunteered her time in the community as an organizer, running various programs, and interacting with children, teens and the elderly. She is passionate about walking along side those that are in turmoil, to encourage and care for them.