Restorations stands for the truth that individuals are made perfectly and purposefully by God with the right to live free from exploitation and abuse. We will create a community that rejoices in each other’s uniqueness, restores physical, spiritual and mental well-being, and empowers individuals to step into their life’s purpose.

 Our History

Restorations grew out of the unified passion of a small group of individuals, to see a solution to the gap of long-term services to victims of commercial sexual exploitation in Canada.

In December 2013, in a rural home living room, the team met for the first time and committed to the journey involved in opening family-style, residential homes of holistic recovery and restoration, specializing in the needs of women exiting prostitution and the trauma of sex trafficking.

Throughout 2014, the Restorations team worked to establish a solid foundation on which the organization could build and thrive. Governance documents and bylaws were created and Restorations Second Stage Homes became an incorporated Not-for-Profit organization with the federal government of Canada. Research and consultation with various organizations, individuals and survivors across North America, helped to form what is now our residential program model. Strategic planning and relationships kept the team focused and moving forward despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

In 2015, Restorations was granted charitable status in Canada and established some key partnerships that will help see the vision of long-term care come to fruition. Survivor consultation plays a key role in refining the details of Restorations intended programming.

In 2018, Restorations hired its first staff member, an Executive Director who will help move forward our plans of opening our first home.

Also in 2018, we announced that we were moving forward with renovating a home in Burlington, Ontario. Through partnerships and sustainable funding, Restorations’ goal is to be fully staffed and operational by 2020.

See our announcement about our First Home Opening Goal: 2020!

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