The core of our work will be building and nurturing trusting, long-term relationships between survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and staff, volunteers and the wider community in order to establish a foundation for recovery, healing, empowerment and success.

Our residential recovery programs for victims of commercial sexual exploitation will promote healing, wholeness, independence and family reunification by dealing with the issues in a holistic way.

Phase 1 – REJOICE

The Rejoicing Phase will occur throughout the year in thirty day cycles. It will be lightly structured and focused on the immediate needs of the resident; rest, healthy meals, medical care, acclimatization to a new surrounding, crisis counselling, obtaining new identification documents and legal assistance.

Phase 2 – RESTORE

The Restoring Phase will be a more structured, daily program that incorporates the following programming elements:

  • trauma informed therapy
  • life skills
  • education
  • work preparation
  • mentorship
  • leadership
  • spiritual encouragement

Phase 3 – RELEASE

Graduates may apply for a one year program which fosters further development in leadership and mentorship. Upon completion, graduates will work closely with their mentor and staff to secure safe housing, employment and a positive support network.


A Logic Model is a programming blue print that provides the foundation for thoughtful and well-informed program development with a higher chance of success. This format visually shows how Restorations intends to initiate change and the desired results.

Logic Model_website