Restorations Second Stage Homes exists to provide specialized, holistic, long-term care to victims of commercial sexual exploitation. With support, victims become survivors. Partner with Restorations so together we can provide the care survivors need to find healing.

We are raising funds to establish a residential home for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation during their recovery. Set in a rural location surrounded by trees and wide open fields, we will serve women over the age of 18. Our 2 year program includes professional staff and volunteer mentors who journey with survivors.

Restorations is a charitable organization that exists to provide specialized, holistic, long-term care to victims of commercial sexual exploitation in Canada.

We stand for the truth that individuals are created perfectly and purposefully by God with the right to live free from exploitation and abuse. We will create a community that:

REJOICEs in each other’s uniqueness,
RESTOREs physical, spiritual and mental well-being, and
RELEASEs individuals to step into their life’s purpose.

Restorations Second Stage Homes’ purposes

Our purposes are to address specific problems faced by victims of sexual exploitation and/or human trafficking and to contribute to their rehabilitation and reintegration in society by offering a long-term residential care program including counseling and other health and support services.

First Home Opening Goal – Christmas 2018

Read our Business Plan published November 2016

For Restorations to safely open without the risk of closing and re-traumatizing our residents, we require commitments of 3 years operational funding, that is $2,000,000 in commitments.

Will you join us? Become a Care Partner!

If 1000 people commit just $55 per month for 3 years, victims of commercial sexual exploitation will start receiving the specialized, long-term care they need.

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Engage your church, friends, coworkers, school and community, in the conversation about human trafficking in Canada. Contact Us to arrange a 2018 screening of the movie Priceless and a panel discussion.